It is a beautiful house in the colours of the sea and the sky, with a single living room/ kitchen. Its traditional wooden ceiling is made of old beams.


“Girouli” is a house for nature lovers.


“Diplotholari” is a romantic house and an ideal retreat for newlyweds and couples.


“Tholos” invites you to enjoy romance and harmony.


The house of “Karai” is a beautiful two-level house.


“Katoi” is a big house in the colours of ochre and green, with a single kitchen/living room and a spacious bathroom.


The harmonious colours of ochre combined with wood will accommodate you during the careless days of the summer.

Astropalitikos Tholos

If you wish to spend your holidays in a traditional Astypalean house, then “Astropalitikos Tholos” is the best choice.


“Apomero” is a big house able to accommodate a big family, as it comprises two separate spaces.

Agnanti Suite

This two-level house of sixty (60) square metres can accommodate up to 3 persons.

Romanza Suite

It is a beautiful two-level house with a terrace on the ground floor and a balcony on the first floor.