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Explore Astypalaia

Many of the Dodecanese islands were called by the Ancient Greeks with nicknames that were illustrative of each island’s particularities.
Astypalaea (Astypalaia) was known as “the bank of the Gods”; a nickname that can tell quite a lot on how appealing this blessed small piece of land has always been.

The island and its hospitable inhabitants wish you a pleasant stay. For those who come first … for those of you who visit us regularly to discover the countless, obvious and hidden, Astypalaia’s beauty of mountains and seas, in cities and in the countryside, promise a welcoming and memorable stay.

You will find something special to love. There are many stories from visitors of the “Butterfly” of Aegean who return to her every year!


Panagia of the Castle and Agios Georgios

When you climb to the Castle of Guerini you will find two churches. 

The Castle of Agios Ioannis

The Castle of Agios Ioannis in the southwest coast of Astypalaia dates back to the Byzantine times.

Windmills in Chora

In the central square of Chora you will find the traditional eight mills next to the monument to the fallen also located there.


Three caves are of incomparable beauty in Astypalea.

Churches and Monasteries

The Virgin Portaetissa considered one of the most beautiful churches in the Dodecanese. The exact location is at the entrance of the castle in place Rodia. 

Fortresses in Chora

The Venetian Quirini Fortress with the heraldic shield of the family.